How to Install and Use Window Sensors to Secure Your Home


In today’s society, with the growing concerns about safety it is crucial to prioritize the security of our homes. One practical step that homeowners can take is installing window sensors. These devices are essential for safeguarding a property as they detect any entry through windows serving as a deterrent against burglaries and trespassing. When combined … Read more

The Importance of Contact Sensors in Robotics Technology


Contact sensors in robotics, play a role in mapping and navigation influencing how robots engage with their surroundings by detecting changes in speed, position, movement, torque or force at points. These sensors require contact to gather and transmit data empowering robots to respond to their environment by adjusting their actions when faced with obstacles. This … Read more

Understanding Capacitive Touch Sensors

girl is using Understanding Capacitive Touch device

Capacitive touch sensors, well known for their ability to sense touch or proximity using the principle of capacitance have become essential in today’s technology. These sensors play a role not in smartphones but also, in devices that feature touch sensitive buttons, sliders or wheels. This advancement enables interactions, such as detecting the distance between a … Read more

What is a Surface Contact Sensor and How Does It Work?

Surface contact sensors play a role, in safeguarding homes and businesses by serving as the line of defense against unauthorized access. These devices are known for their installation on doors and windows striking a balance between providing security measures and seamlessly integrating into daily routines. Their functionality relies on disrupting a field to detect openings … Read more

Can Smart Contact Sensors Be Used Outdoors?

smart device

In today’s tech world smart contact sensors are becoming popular thanks, to their wide range of uses. They are commonly utilized in outdoor environments. However the question arises; Are contact sensors suitable for outdoor use? Let’s take a look, at this topic through an investigation. What are Smart Contact Sensors? Smart contact sensors are small … Read more

How to Reset Ring Contact Sensor

smart door sensor

If you’re having trouble, with your Ring Alarm Contact Sensor a reset can often fix the issue. Resetting the contact sensor can help with problems related to connectivity network issues or when the device is recognized as a sensor. In this troubleshooting guide we will guide you through the process of resetting your Ring Contact … Read more