May 21, 2024

Top 10 High Current Sensors for Industrial Use


High Current sensors play a role, in today’s industries as they convert electric currents into measurable outputs. These sensors work on principles like Ohm’s Law, Faradays Law of Induction and magnetic or optical sensing to serve purposes ranging from power metering to identifying faults in equipment. Their selection criteria include the type of range, accuracy and response time.

This article explores the 10 high current sensors tailored for industrial applications highlighting their features, uses and the innovative technologies introduced by different manufacturers. Each sensor is assessed for its performance in environments based on factors such as sensitivity, bandwidth, durability in conditions and importantly how quickly they respond. By using this knowledge companies can make informed choices when selecting the most suitable high current sensor, for their specific industrial requirements.

Allegro MicroSystems

Allegro MicroSystems is well known for its selection of high current sensors designed for use, in industrial settings. These sensors fall under categories such as Sense, Regulate, Drive and XtremeSense TMR Technology. They play a role in applications, within the automotive, industrial, energy and consumer industries showcasing their adaptability and dependability.

Key Product Categories and Features

  1. Sense Products: In this group you’ll find a range of sensors, like sensors, interface ICs, position sensors and others. They’re crafted to provide measurements and reliable performance, in settings.
  2. Regulate Products: The products include ClearPower modules and LED driver modules that help manage power and regulate it within systems.
  3. Drive Products: Incorporating elements such, as BLDC drivers and stepper motor drivers is crucial, for improving the precision and agility of motor operated systems.

Highlighted Products

  • ACS718: A standout model, the ACS718 current sensor IC offers an impressive 850 μΩ current conductor suitable for 0 to 50 A current sensing. Its features include a low-offset, linear Hall sensor circuit and factory-trimmed sensitivity, which contribute to its high accuracy in both AC and DC current sensing.
  • ACS37003: Another notable product, the ACS37003 Hall-effect current sensor, operates at 400 kHz with a 5 kV isolation, making it highly suitable for industrial motor inverter and power control applications. Its low internal conductor resistance of 0.27 mOhms and high isolation rating ensure safety and precision.

Allegro MicroSystems offers not durable sensor technologies. Also assists customers with a wide range of design and development tools such, as evaluation kits, demonstration boards and a complete software platform. These tools aim to simplify the incorporation and enhancement of Allegros sensors, in settings guaranteeing effectiveness and dependability.

Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies

Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies is a standout player, in the sensor market offering a wide range of products tailored to monitor both alternating (AC) and direct (DC) currents. These sensors are well regarded for their performance all while being cost effective making them a popular choice for use. Honeywells sensors are backed by years of engineering experience. Boast a thru-hole design that simplifies installation. They are known for their response times, output voltage, from input low energy consumption and reliable performance that can be adjusted as needed. Moreover these sensors come with integrated temperature compensation to further ensure operation.

Product Range and Specifications

Honeywell’s product lineup includes several types of current sensors:

  • Adjustable Linear Current Sensors: Offer flexibility in application with adjustable output.
  • Null Balance Current Sensors: Known for their precise measurements.
  • Digital Current Sensors: Provide a digital output, enhancing the ease of integration with modern industrial systems.
  • Linear Current Sensors: Known for their straightforward, reliable readings.

Various technologies are utilized by these sensors to cater to requirements. For instance loop current sensors utilize feedback control to generate outputs that correspond to the currents being measured ensuring accuracy and linearity essential, for quick response scenarios. Conversely their open loop equivalents boast a size and low power consumption making them perfect, for circuits powered by batteries.

Advanced Features and Industrial Applications

A highlight in Honeywell’s offering is the CSNV700 Series, which utilizes advanced flux gate sensor technology. This series is non-intrusive and electrically isolated from the monitored circuit, ensuring safety and reliability. It is also AEC-Q100 qualified, underscoring its high quality and reliability. Key features of the CSNV700 Series include:

  • Active Flux Gate Current Sensing: Provides high accuracy and low temperature drift.
  • Digital Output: Features CAN bus output with configurable ID.
  • Customizable On-Board Firmware: Allows adaptation to specific application requirements.

These sensors play a role, in scenarios like monitoring battery performance in electric vehicles detecting current leaks during charging and identifying faults, in heavy machinery. The CSNV700 Series is designed to cater to requirements of applications providing solutions that streamline product development timelines cut down overall expenses and boost system dependability.

LEM International SA

LEM International SA specializes in producing current sensors that are essential, for various industrial purposes, including medical devices, precision machinery and other general applications. Their sensors meet industry standards such as CE marking, IEC regulations, RoHS compliance and ISO TS 16949 certification to guarantee reliability and safety across uses. The company dedication to excellence is further evidenced by their range of products featuring models like the HX 05 P/SP2 and LA 100 P known for their precise current measuring capabilities.

With a workforce of 1,500 spread across over 15 countries LEM International SA is actively engaged in technological advancements such as renewable energy and digitalization. In addition to sensors their product portfolio includes voltage sensors, integrated current sensors and energy meters to meet industrial requirements. Standout offerings like the ART Series Rogowski coil and the HMSR Series integrated current sensors underscore the company commitment to innovation in measurement.

Beyond product creation LEM excels in ASIC design, embedded software development and thorough testing procedures to ensure performance and dependability, for each product and their work, with TDK Corporation to create TMR dies for sensors demonstrates their dedication to improving existing sensor technology. This joint effort aims to boost sensor efficiency resulting in precise sensors with reduced interference, particularly beneficial, for automotive battery management and smart grid applications.

Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies stands out in the sector with a range of high current sensors, such, as the innovative TLE4971 family. These sensors cover levels and come in various packages to suit a variety of applications. The TLE4972 and TLE4973 versions, which use Hall effect technology with built in signal conditioning are well known for their accuracy and dependability, in measuring current.

Key Offerings Across Multiple Sectors

Infineon offers a variety of products that go beyond sensors, for use in industrial settings. In the sector they provide solutions for tasks ranging from controlling body modules to implementing driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies. Likewise their industrial offerings include isolated interfaces and digital input ICs which play a role in improving efficiency and safety, in industrial settings.

Broad Product Range

The company doesn’t just focus on sensors; their product range also includes Power & Sensor systems, Discrete & Logic components and cutting edge communication solutions such, as transceivers and powerline communications. Moreover Infineon leads the way in USB C technology by providing a range of controllers and charging solutions that cater to the increasing need for power delivery, in both consumer electronics and industrial settings.

CR Magnetics

CR Magnetics is a player, in the field boasting a wide selection of high current sensors. Their product range includes Analog Transducers, Digital Transducers and Current Transformers. Additionally they excel in producing Sensing Relays and Indicators & Displays as offering Custom Solutions designed to address unique industrial needs. Noteworthy is CR Magnetics reputation for their ZERO SEQUENCE CT and accessories that elevate the versatility and usability of their products, in electrical setups.

Featured Products and Specifications

CR Magnetics’ product offerings are extensive. Noteworthy among these are the CR7310 and CR7508 Ground Fault Current Sensing Relays, priced at $180.93 and $366.76 respectively, and designed for precise fault detection. Additionally, the CR4395 AC Current Sensing Relay and CR5395 DC Current Sensing Relay, priced at $112.32 and $126.26 respectively, further exemplify the company’s commitment to reliability and affordability. These products are essential for monitoring electrical properties and alerting to fault or event conditions, with various configurations and output styles available.

Additional Offerings

Beyond the core products, CR Magnetics also provides a wide array of other sensor types. These include Acceleration Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors, and Hall Effect Sensor Diodes, among others. A standout product in their extensive catalog is the CR5411S AC/DC Split-Core Hall Effect Current Transducer, which boasts 1.0% basic accuracy and True RMS sensing, powered by 24 Vdc. This variety ensures that CR Magnetics can cater to a broad spectrum of industrial needs, from temperature and humidity monitoring to advanced vibration and motion detection.

NK Technologies

NK Technologies, headquartered in San Jose, California stands out as a leading provider of notch sensing solutions customized for automation and industrial use. Emphasizing innovation and dependability NK Technologies offers an array of products such, as Ground Fault Protection, AC and DC Current Transducers Current Sensing Switches, among others. Each product is meticulously crafted to meet the requirements of settings. Noteworthy is the companys dedication to excellence evident through their 5 year warranty. The fact that all products are crafted and assembled in the United States.

Product Technologies and Applications

NK Technologies range of products makes use of sensing technologies, like Resistive Shunt, Hall Effect Sensors and Inductive Sensors. These innovative technologies have a range of applications improving the performance of systems such as motor and pump monitoring, heating circuits in semiconductor fabrication and setups in commercial kitchens. For example their Ground Fault Relays play a role in Variable Frequency Drives by supporting up to 800 A meeting the NEC standards. Moreover their 5 mA Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Solutions are tailored for both three phase circuits, up to 100 amps offering protection and monitoring features.

Extensive Product Range and Support

The company offers a range of products in its catalog to meet industrial requirements. NK Technologies provides a variety of Current Sensing Switches, such, as the DS1 Series and ASXP Series specifically designed for AC or DC sensing. Their line of AC Current Transducers includes models like the AT Series and ATP Series ensuring consistent measurements for both AC and DC power. In addition NK Technologies offers resources like product catalogs, technical guides and application notes to aid in integrating their products effectively across different industries. These resources play a role in optimizing the use of their products, in industrial settings.

Phoenix Group

Phoenix Group offers a diverse portfolio of high current sensors designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications. Their sensors are capable of measuring direct, alternating, and distorted currents with a variety of input ranges and output options, ensuring versatility across multiple applications.

Product Specifications

  • MCR-S-1-5-UI-DCI-NC: Handles input currents from 0…0.2 to 0…11 A, unconfigured, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • MCR-SL-CUC-100-I: Capable of measuring up to 100 A of AC, DC, and distorted currents, with a 4…20 mA output, making it ideal for robust industrial environments.
  • MCR-SL-S-100-I-LP: Specializes in sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal alternating currents up to 100 A, featuring a loop-powered output with 4…20 mA for enhanced energy efficiency.

Phoenix Group’s sensors are not only functional but also engineered for durability and reliability. They are encapsulated for protection against harsh industrial conditions and ensure that the monitored current lines are electrically isolated from the sensors. This isolation enhances safety and reliability in high-demand settings.

Key Features and Applications

  • Versatility: The sensors handle a wide range of current types and magnitudes, from low to high, up to 600 A for universal AC/DC measuring transducers.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed for convenient installation and retrofitting, Phoenix Group’s sensors, such as the PACT current transformers and Rogowski coils, support new installations and upgrades with minimal downtime.
  • Industrial Safety and Compliance: All sensors convert detected currents into an analog standard signal, ensuring compatibility with various industrial control systems and adherence to safety standards.

Phoenix Group’s commitment to innovation is evident in their tailored solutions for specific industrial needs, offering both standard and custom-designed sensors to address unique challenges in current measurement and monitoring.

Melexis NV

Melexis NV is a standout, in the sensor industry due to its unique application of Hall effect technology and exclusive Integrated Magnetic Concentrator (IMC) technology. These sensors are crafted for detection in various sectors such as automotive, industrial and consumer markets. The IMC technology boosts the sensors capability to concentrate fields leading to enhanced precision and quicker response times making it a perfect fit, for demanding settings.

Key Features and Technologies

  • Hall-effect and IMC Technologies: Utilizes advanced Hall-effect sensors combined with an Integrated Magnetic Concentrator for enhanced accuracy and minimal signal interference.
  • High Stray Field Immunity and Robust Design: The sensors are designed to be highly immune to stray magnetic fields and are robust against mechanical disruptions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging industrial settings.
  • Ease of Integration: Features like easy assembly and vertical stacking contribute to straightforward integration into existing systems, reducing setup times and complexity.

Product Specifications and Applications

  • Isolation and Current Handling: Capable of isolating currents up to 2000A, with a fast response time of less than 3µs, suitable for both AC and DC measurements up to 250 kHz.
  • Safety and Compliance: Offers up to 4.8kV isolation, integrated over-current detection, and diagnostics compliant with ASIL standards, ensuring safety and reliability for automotive applications.
  • Programming and Evaluation Tools: Provides tools such as the DVK91230 and DVKIMCHallShield for easy evaluation and programming, alongside a free online Current Sensor Simulator to aid in product selection and application testing.

Melexis NV showcases its dedication to innovation, through the creation of customizable sensor ICs for customers enabling personalized setups to address application requirements. This adaptability along with the companys emphasis on safety and precision establishes Melexis NV as a contributor, in the field of current sensors especially for tasks demanding accurate and dependable current monitoring.


Qeed’s high current sensor is engineered to deliver precision and high performance in a remarkably compact design. This sensor is particularly suited for demanding applications that require accurate and rapid current measurements.

Key Specifications and Features

  • Rated Current and Range: Capable of handling a rated current up to 1,700 A, with an extensive measuring range that extends up to 3,400 A.
  • Output and Stability: Features a MOSFET class D output stage, ensuring reliable performance. It boasts an exceptionally low offset of 0.1 mA and minimal temperature drift of 0.1%, contributing to its excellent long-term stability.
  • Dynamic Properties: The sensor’s superior dynamic properties are highlighted by its rise time and response time, both under 0.5 µs, which are essential for fast-paced industrial applications.
  • Power Efficiency: Operates with low power consumption, requiring only 31 mA plus compensation current, enhancing its efficiency in continuous use scenarios.

Applications and Design Benefits

Qeeds advanced current sensor is used in high performance systems such, as converters, drive systems, wind turbines, PV inverters and battery storage systems. Its small size boosts the power efficiency of these applications making it a top pick, for industries aiming to maximize both space utilization and performance.

Related Products

Qeed also offers a range of related products that complement its high current sensors:

  • Closed-Loop Current Sensors: For applications requiring precise feedback and control.
  • Differential Current Sensors: Ideal for applications where differential current measurement is crucial.
  • Benvac All Current Sensitive DI Sensor: Specially designed for Electric Vehicle Charging systems, ensuring safety and efficiency in EV infrastructures.

This comprehensive lineup not only underscores Qeed’s commitment to innovation but also its capability to cater to a broad spectrum of industrial needs.

Dewesoft’s DC-CT®

The DC CT® brand represents a type of zero flux AC/DC transducer utilizing Platiše Flux Sensor technology. It boasts improved precision, stability and energy efficiency when compared to technologies. A DC CT current transducer functions, by utilizing controlled variable reluctance and incorporates an “infinity winding”, within a core to maintain the beneficial properties of high permeability materials. These sensors are capable of measuring both AAC and ADC with precision levels ranging from 0.1% to 0.01%.


Throughout this exploration of the high current sensors used in industries we’ve delved into the complex world of these essential tools discussing how they work, their technological intricacies and wide range of uses. Whether its Allegro Microsystems versatile product lineup or Qeeds precise and compact designs, the diversity, in features and specifications from manufacturers underscores the role these sensors play in improving efficiency, safety and reliability across various industrial settings. By considering factors like measurement range, accuracy, response times and durability against conditions we’ve provided a detailed guide to help businesses make informed choices based on their specific requirements.

As industrial technology advances and the need for precision and sustainability grows selecting the current sensor becomes increasingly crucial. The detailed analysis shared here not aids in comprehending what these sensors can do. Where they’re used but also offers insights, into future developments and advancements in this field. By focusing on sensors that seamlessly integrate with existing systems while delivering reliability and accurate performance industries can keep pushing boundaries in automation and control to enhance efficiency and drive innovation forward.

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